Noah Katabana

Hello my name is Noah Katabana I’m a 21 year old graduate out of Jackson high school I played football almost all my life including travel 7v7. I just got into the construction industry about a year ago and have been finding my place I feel in love with electrical work and that is my dream trade I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get me there on the job site, in the classroom and on the field!

Tayshawn Wilson

Hello! My name is Tayshawn, and I’m a 6’2″ defensive end with a passion for football and a drive to make it to the NFL. I’m 22 years old and recently made a big move from Kansas to Washington state to pursue my dreams.

Currently, I’m enrolled at the Pacific NW Trade School, where I’m learning electrical skills. This program is not only preparing me for a career in the trades but also allowing me to stay in peak condition and competitive on the field as I play in the local football league.

Graduating from high school was an important milestone for me, and now, combining my education in electrical work with my dedication to football, I’m chasing my dreams with everything I have. My journey is just beginning, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Tyresee Keyes

My name is Tyresee Keyes but people call me bull I’m from a small town call Mize MS. I love the people out there n the place I am a good ole country boy n I been playing football every since I was 5 I love the game so much


Jamael Williams Jr

I have been playing football my whole life. Once I went to Chicago and balled out at DE I came back and could not access my film. Im an all around athlete I can play WR, CB, DE, or SS I love the game of football. I love playing WR because I like to put people down n there behind and block when I don’t have the ball. I am also very aggressive on that defensive line and fast and i love to hit something and tackle. I love this game but I was over looked by most coaches do to favoritism so this is a different type of hunger. I’m grateful for any opportunity

Josiah Pesterkoff

My name is Josiah Pesterkoff, I go by Jojo or PK From Everett, Wa. Been playing sports since the first grade and have always had a love for it, football/rugby being my favorite. I’m really looking forward to playing for the INFL and hope to get others to come along and experience something that hasn’t been done before! I’m ready to hit the field and have some fun!

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