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Tayshawn Wilson

Hello! My name is Tayshawn, and I'm a 6'2" defensive end with a passion for football and a drive to make it to the NFL. I'm 22 years old and recently made a big move from Kansas to Washington state to pursue my dreams.

Currently, I'm enrolled at the Pacific NW Trade School, where I'm learning electrical skills. This program is not only preparing me for a career in the trades but also allowing me to stay in peak condition and competitive on the field as I play in the local football league.

Graduating from high school was an important milestone for me, and now, combining my education in electrical work with my dedication to football, I'm chasing my dreams with everything I have. My journey is just beginning, and I'm excited to see where it takes me.

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Oak Harbor, Island County, Washington, United States
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    Tay is very talented and is great to be around.. Tons of energy and hard working .

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